Monday, 15 December 2014


I'm Matt, this is my blog about my experiences with personal finance.

But first a little bit about myself. I'm 20 years old, I work in the rail industry installing signals and communication infrastructure for class 1 railways, and the occasional short line.

I didn't take the usual life path of high school to university to workplace. When I finished high school, I attended a trades college for one year then started working. After six months of working full time I decided to peruse a Bachelor of Commerce degree at TRU, through correspondence. The idea behind that being to take my operations experience and combine it with a thorough knowledge of business works.

The benefit of being 20, working full time, and in the trades no less, is I'm rather well paid. Rather then be reckless with my money like so many do, I've chosen to dedicate myself to a life of financial responsibility. My friends, my peer group, at the earliest are to graduate from university in a year and a half, this gives me a little head start on building my fortune.

I hope to use this blog as both a journal of my own experiences and a guide to people who are looking to follow goals similar to mine.

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